Welcome to the Wiseheart & Wild blog. Here, Annie will be keeping you all up to date on all our shenanigans and providing you with access to what goes on behind the scenes in a textile arts studio.

For those of you who are new to Wiseheart & Wild, here’s what we are.

We’re a textile arts studio, specialising in natural fibres, and based in the High Peak, England. We stock British wool in our Wool Salon alongside hand-dyed fibres from local dyers and single-flock wool from local farmers. We have three resident artists, Wiseheart Textiles (weaver), Wild Spinster (fibre artist, photographer, and musician), and Moonshine Illustrations (Illustrator and cartoonist). Alongside our resident artists we stock work from local artists and artisans. We believe in encouraging people to shop locally and sustainable wherever possible and our gallery reflects this belief by showcasing homewares, jewellery, and accessories alongside more traditional artwork.

For those of you who are old friends, hello and welcome back. We’re living in what can only be described as a peculiar time and we’re hoping that you can find some of the fun and the community of Wiseheart & Wild here. We’ll be sharing tutorials to keep you inspired, giving you a peek behind the scenes as Annie sets up her new studio space, sharing what our artists are up to, and lots more.

The first tutorial will be up over the Easter weekend, so watch this space.

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